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As a Trustee, I have the responsibility of carrying out the terms of the trust as set forth in a trust document. A trust is normally created by the language found in a will or a document created during the life of the grantor.  I have an obligation to manage the trust in the best interest of the grantors and beneficiaries of said trust.

Representative Payee


As a Representative Payee, I am designated by the Social Security Administration or other retirement plans to receive the income and pay the expenses of an incapacitated individual.


Bill Paying and Money Management


If an individual or family is overwhelmed with monthly expenses and budgeting, I provide bill paying and reconciliation services. I make sure that accounts are reviewed and reconciled monthly and all bills and invoices are paid on a timely basis



A a Guardian/Conservator, I am legally appointed to manage an estate and/or person. A Conservatorship is a tool that provides management for the financial and/or personal affairs of individuals deemed by the court to be physically or mentally incapacitated. A person is determined by the court to be incapacitated when he or she lacks sufficient understanding or "capacity" to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning his or her daily living needs. It is my responsibility to report to the court and receive the court's approval in managing the Conservatee's livelihood.

Care/Case Management

Provide care and case management services for individuals who need assistance with such tasks as getting to doctor's appointments, ensuring daily ​living essentials are supplied (groceries and household items), and any other tasks requested by individual or family members.

Estate Executor


As an Estate Executor, I have the responsibility to administer the estate per the terms of the will or trust or as ordered by the court. Estate Executors are typically named in a will or trust document or in the case of probate matters are appointed by the court as an Estate Administer or Personal Representative.  As the executor/administrator, I must act in the best interest of the estate and subsequent beneficiaries.

Agent Under a Power of Attorney


As an Agent Under a Power of Attorney, my responsibilities include the following: 

  • Health Care - As fiduciary, I act on behalf of the client to make health-care decisions, including placement, medical treatment, and final burial arrangements according to their wishes and advanced health care directive.

  • Financial Matters - As fiduciary, I conduct all personal and financial business pursuant to the client's instructions.

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