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Before becoming licensed as a professional fiduciary, I spent 20 plus years as a large animal veterinary technician.  I provided critical care to primarily equines, but was licensed and qualified to care for cattle, llamas and of course the occasional exotic elephant and reindeer. I became the manager of the large animal intensive care unit at UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching hospital, where I supervised a large staff of veterinary students and animal health technicians in our 24/7 critical care unit.  I held two specialty certifications in emergency and critical care medicine along with large animal internal medicine.  My years at UC Davis provided me with an extensive background in care, compassion and medicine along with extensive management skills.

After leaving the veterinary medical field, I did case management work for a local fiduciary and immediately felt the calling to become an advocate for those individuals that are unable to effectively advocate for themselves.  With a growing, vulnerable aging population and individuals with special needs,  it was very apparent that there was a real need for professionals that are working in the best interest of the client.  My goal is to provide service to all of my clients in a fashion that is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Memberships and affiliations:

  • California Licensed Professional Fiduciary - #939

  • Professional Fiduciary Association of California - associate member since 2016

  • Sacramento Estate Planning Council - member since 2017

  • National Guardian Association - member since 2016

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